Centronics 36, male, iso back

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DWG AutoCAD block Works with most CAD applications
DXF Document Exchange Format All CAD applications including Solid Edge.
SVG Symbol Vector Graphic Symbol Adobe Illustrator symbol-compatible
Vector Graphic Plain Vector Graphic Plain Affinity Designer and any vector graphics application
PNG Pixel Image Photoshop and any image application

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Symbol name: ELU72

The Code Zebra electrical library is one of the most comprehensive available conforming to IEEE 315-1975 (R1993) and IEEE 91/91a-1991 (Logic Functions) standards. Numerous symbols conform with IEC 617 and IEC 117, and several symbol variations of the same device are often available.

Unique to Code Zebra Symbols is our comprehensive collection of 2-D standard view and isometric view symbols for electrical connectors, wire bends, mechanical and structural components, and fasteners.

High-Resolution Examples and Symbol Compatibility