Valve, globe, bell & spigot

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Format Type Description
DWG AutoCAD block Works with most CAD applications
DXF Document Exchange Format All CAD applications including Solid Edge.
SVG Symbol Vector Graphic Symbol Adobe Illustrator symbol-compatible
Vector Graphic Plain Vector Graphic Plain Affinity Designer and any vector graphics application
PNG Pixel Image Photoshop and any image application

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Symbol name: PLB163

All Building Services symbols are drawn at relative sizes in accordance with common industry usage and accepted practice for architectural drawings.

The electrical wiring symbols conform with Y32.9-1972 and common industry usage, the HVAC symbols conform with ANSI Y32.2.4-1949 (R1998), and the pipe fittings and valves conform with Y32.2.3-1949 (R1999).

High-Resolution Examples and Symbol Compatibility